The IQAC of the institution follows the guidelines of the UGC and plays an important role in the academic and administrative performance of the college.The IQAC sincerely monitors teaching learning system of the college and regularly submits AQAR of every Academic Session. Meetings are regularly held in the IQAC to analyse its activities and make plan of action for the next academic session.The IQAC always tries to keep contact with the teachers and students of the college and takes several steps to make their condition in the college better. 1. Maintenance of academic and administrative discipline. 2. Ensuring financial regularities. 3. Initiatives for introduction of the new courses. 4.Inspiring the teachers for research works, project works and research paper publication. For this purpose they are supported by granting necessary leaves without hampering regular classes of the college. 5. Encouraging teachers to join seminars , workshops and short term courses. 6. Organizing seminars in several departments. 7. Publication of annual college magazine. 8. Renovation/upgradation of the existing infrastructure. 9.Proper maintenance of laboratories and the important equipments. 10.Use of updated version of technology in several laboratories. 11.Encouraging extension activities through NCC and NSS. 12.Development of the library. 13.Obsevation of important days such as the Independence day , the Republic day ,birth days of Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, AIDS day, International Yoga Day and international mother tongue day in the college campus. 14.Regular garbage cleaning operation in the campus. 15.Plantation of trees in the gardens. 16.Maintenance of the play ground. 17.Promotion of teachers through CAS. 18.Extending to the general students the facilities available like these a) Scholarships. b) Full- free or half-free studentship for the needy and meritorious students. c) Students aid fund. d) Sports facilities. e) Reading room in the library. f) Free wifi.

Meeting Minutes

Sl. No. Meeting Minutes Date of upload
1. Meeting Minutes dated 08.07.2014 07.03.2019
2. Meeting Minutes dated 14.11.2014 07.03.2019
3. Meeting Minutes dated 07.02.2015 07.03.2019
4. Meeting Minutes dated 05.05.2015 07.03.2019
5. Meeting Minutes dated 04.08.2015 07.03.2019
6. Meeting Minutes dated 04.11.2015 07.03.2019
7. Meeting Minutes dated 03.02.2016 07.03.2019
8. Meeting Minutes dated 04.05.2016 07.03.2019
9. Meeting Minutes dated 02.08.2016 07.03.2019
10. Meeting Minutes dated 03.10.2016 07.03.2019
11. Meeting Minutes dated 03.01.2017 07.03.2019
12. Meeting Minutes dated 07.04.2017 07.03.2019
13. Meeting Minutes dated 26.08.2017 07.03.2019
14. Meeting Minutes dated 06.02.2018 07.03.2019



Sl. No. AQAR Date of upload
1. AQAR-2014-2015 01.02.2019
2. AQAR-2015-2016 04.02.2019
3. AQAR-2016-2017 06.02.2019
4. AQAR-2017-2018 08.02.2019



           IQAC(As per NAAC)



Members of IQAC:


Serial No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Maushumi Ghosh Chairman
2 Prof. Tanmoy Pandit Coordinator
3 Prof. Soma Ghosal member
4 Prof. Jayanto Ghosh member
5 Prof. Saumya Bose member
6 Prof. Subham Amin member
7 Prof. Rubel Pal member
8 Prof. Piu Mukherjee Member 
9 Prof. Md Ajij Member 
10 Dr. Babusona Sarkar Member
11 Prof. Abdul Latib Khan member
12 Sri Santinath Karfa Member
13 Shri Biswanath Daschoudhury member
14 Sri Dibyendu Bhattacharyya invitee member
15 Students Representative member
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