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Study Material
1 English
2 Power of godsin determining human actions in Meta Book3 English Sem-I
3 Bacchus' character English Sem-I
4 Power of gods in determining human actions in Meta Book1 English Sem-I
5 Power of godsin determining human actions in Meta Book1 English Sem-I
6 Short answer type qs & anss on metamorphoses English Sem-I
7 Short answer type qs & anss on metamorphoses English Sem-I
8 Short answer type qs & anss on metamorphoses English Sem-I
9 Short answer type qs & anss on metamorphoses English Sem-I
10 Short answer type qs & anss on metamorphoses English Sem-I
11 Short answer type qs & anss on metamorphoses English Sem-I
12 LI-I qst & ans(10 & 5 marks)of Cpt I English Sem-I
13 Qst & ans(only 5 marks)of chp1 of L1-1 English Sem-I
14 Short answer type qs & ands on metamorphoses English Sem-I
15 L1-1 List of Internet Acronyms English Sem-I
16 L1-1 Examples of non-standard usage English Sem-I
17 L1-1 English Sem-I
18 L1-1 English Sem-I
19 GENERAL CC-1 POEMS English Sem-I
20 GENERAL SONNET NO 116 English Sem-I
21 The Three Theban Plays - Robert Fagles English Sem-I
22 Gen.Strange Meeting English Sem-I
23 Oedipus SATQ English Sem-I
24 L1-1 Distinctness of Human Language English Sem-I
25 L1-1 Collocation English Sem-I
26 L1-1 Sexist and Offensive Language English Sem-I
27 L1-1 English Sem-I
28 Broad q & a on Metamorphoses English Sem-I
29 Alienation in Clear Light of Day English Sem-II
30 Gen An Inspector Calls English Sem-II
31 Macbeth - Short Answer type questions English Sem-II
32 Blood Imagery in Macbeth English Sem-II
33 Gen Shooting an Elephant English Sem-II
34 Porter Scene English Sem-II
35 Macbeth English Sem-II
36 Lady Macbeth - A critical study English Sem-II
38 Macbeth - Banquet Scene English Sem-II
39 BANALITY English Sem-III
40 S. Q & A of Prologue by Bradstreet English Sem-III
41 S. Q & A of Prologue by Bradstreet English Sem-III
42 Translation Terms English Sem-III
44 Life sketch of Tennessee Williams English Sem-III
45 AMERICAN LIT 1 English Sem-III
46 Feminism English Sem-III
47 AMERICAN LIT 3 English Sem-III
48 Gender Stereotypes Sem III General/GE English Sem-III
50 AMERICAN LIT 2 English Sem-III
52 The Role of Translation in Advertising English Sem-III
53 Machine Translation English Sem-III
54 Education in Tom Swayer English Sem-III
55 Tom Swayer - Themes English Sem-III
56 Character of Tom Swayer English Sem-III
57 Role of Translation in Mass Communication English Sem-III
58 L-1-2 Foregrounding English Sem-III
59 L-1-2 AMBIGUITY English Sem-III
60 L 1-2 BANALITY English Sem-III
61 L-1-2 English Sem-III
62 Audiovisual Translation Modes English Sem-III
63 Historical Survey of Translation Studies in India English Sem-III
64 CC I C GE/G Course English Sem-III
65 Moll Flanders: Overview English Sem-IV
66 Kubla Khan: A Complete Overview English Sem-IV
67 Kubla Khan as a Poem on Poetic Creation English Sem-IV
68 ELT- Methods of English Language Teaching English Sem-IV
69 Jane Eyre Plot Summary English Sem-IV
70 Jane Eyre - Introduction PPT English Sem-IV
71 Origin of English Novel English Sem-IV
72 Coleridge's Poetic Theory English Sem-IV
73 Moll Flanders as a Feminist Text English Sem-IV
74 Goblin Maket English Sem-IV
76 ELT - Benefits of Technology for Language Learning English Sem-IV
77 ELT - Terms related to Grammar English Sem-IV
78 Moll Flanders as a Social Critique English Sem-IV
79 Character of Moll Flanders English Sem-IV
80 Ending of Moll Flanders English Sem-IV
81 Moll Flanders as an Autobiographical Novel English Sem-IV
82 Gray's Elegy - As a transitional poem English Sem-IV
83 Gen.short A T Q and A As you Like It English Sem-V
84 Gen.Expl & S Q As You Like It English Sem-V
85 Broad on Mahesh English Sem-V
86 Hons (DSE-1) English Sem-V
87 S A Q on Mahesh English Sem-V
88 SAW on Bliss English Sem-V
90 MANTO English Sem-V
91 Gen.As You Like It English Sem-V
92 MANTO 2 English Sem-V
93 Mansfield's Bliss English Sem-V
94 Dr Jekyll SUMMARY 1-3 English Sem-V
95 Gen Sec. Profession For Woman, English Sem-V
96 Gen Profession For Woman English Sem-V
97 Gen Sec. Profession For Woman, English Sem-V
98 Dr Jekyll SUMMARY 4-6 English Sem-V
99 Gen.Short Q & A of As You Like It English Sem-V
100 Dr Jekyll SUMMARY 7-10 English Sem-V
101 Dr Jekyll 1 English Sem-V
102 Gen.Broad.As You Like It English Sem-V
103 Introduction to Postcolonial Theory - Video English Sem-VI
104 GEN DSE 2 Objective Ques ans Ans English Sem-VI
105 History of English Language video English Sem-VI
106 DSC -IV Latin Influence English Sem-VI
107 Mother Courage and Her Children: Study Guide English Sem-VI
108 Emancipation of Women in Wife's Letter English Sem-VI
109 Silence, the Court is is Session as a humanist play English Sem-VI
110 Patriarchal Deconstruction in Draupadi English Sem-VI
111 Patriarchal Deconstruction in Draupadi English Sem-VI
112 SEC IV English Sem-VI
114 Magic Realism in Haroun English Sem-VI
115 Intertextual Reference in Haroun English Sem-VI
116 Gen Draupadi English Sem-VI
117 DSC -IV Scandinavian Influence English Sem-VI
118 Marx and Brecht English Sem-VI
119 Gramsci and Althusser English Sem-VI
120 'Tonigt I can write the saddest lines' by Pablo Neruda English Sem-VI
121 Gen SEC - Soft skill English Sem-VI
122 Gen SEC- Leadership skills English Sem-VI
123 Gen SEC - Emotional Intelligence English Sem-VI
124 GEN Critical Essays-Silence! The court is in session English Sem-VI
125 Good Woman of Szechwan: Plot Overview English Sem-VI
126 Gen SEC - Soft skill MCQ English Sem-VI
127 Gen SEC - Adaptability English Sem-VI
128 Gen SEC - Problem Solving English Sem-VI
129 Postcolonial-Diaspora (Video) English Sem-VI
130 Amrita Pritam Gen English Sem-VI
131 Gen Draupadi  The Symbol of Retaliation English Sem-VI
132 Language in P of L B English Sem-VI
133 Marxism English Sem-VI
134 A Short Organum for the Theatre English Sem-VI
135 Gen SEC - Teamwork English Sem-VI
136 Gen Tendulkar Themes Thecniques English Sem-VI
137 DSE- IV French Influence on English Language English Sem-VI
138 V. Tendulkar English Sem-VI
139 V. Tendulkar Position of women English Sem-VI
140 Essays of Dramatic Poesy English Sem-VI
141 Gen Tagore- Streer Patra English Sem-VI
142 Gen Tagore- Streer Patra video English Sem-VI
143 Gen Tagore- Streer Patra Criticism English Sem-VI
144 Postcolonial-Nation / Nationalism (Video) English Sem-VI