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Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Vidya Mahapitha was set up in the serene location of Kamarpukur, the birth place of Sri Ramkrishnadeva, in the year 1959. The project was the result of a pioneering effort of two stalwarts, Sri Prafulla Chandra Sen and Dr. Bimala Kanta Mukhopadhyaya, the sole purpose being the spread of higher education in the rural backdrops of Bengal. Since its inception to its present status, Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Vidya Mahapitha has come a long way and has carved out a niche for itself in its aim of imparting quality education to young people for whom the city lights are often a distant dream. The College today has a capacity of about 4000 students engaged in fiften academic streams, eleven in the Arts section and five in the Science section. Over the years the College has come to acquire a name for itself in its academic pursuits amongst the Colleges under the University of Burdwan 
Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Vidya Mahapitha has a sprawling campus of 10 acres with six main faculty buildings, three for the humanities and the others for the science segments, besides two boys’ hostels, a girls’ hostel, a well equipped library, modern laboratories for conducting practical sessions for the science students and a highly upgraded computer laboratory enabling students to cope with the requirements of the current job market. There is also a canteen run at highly subsidized rates and a gym keeping in view the phrase that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.


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