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About the Committee:-

          The National Service Scheme (NSS) is under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. Its motto is “Not Me But You.” NSS was launched in the year 1969, the Birth Centenary Year of Mahatma Gandhi. It was first introduced in 37 Universities involving 40, 000 students. At present, the NSS has more than 3.2 million student volunteers on its rolls spread over 298 Universities and 42 (+2) Senior Secondary Councils and Directorate of Vocational Education all over the country. Its primary goal is to develop the personality of students through community service.

            The National Service Scheme (NSS) of Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, started in the decade 1980s. It has two units. The Programme Officer of NSS Unit-I is Saumya Bose and of Unit-II is Atanu Karmakar. The NSS Units of the college initiate the young students to inculcate all the qualities that are requisite for becoming a good human being and a responsible citizen.

Our focus now is on the following area: -

  1. To orient the students to community work.

  2. To fulfil the aforesaid goal, the NSS has been organizing awareness programmes on under-age marriages, prevention of AIDs, pollution and other such issues.

  3.  A new village has adopted this year namely Maheshpur. The NSS volunteers will teach the aged person and children and women of this village weekly or bi-weekly.

 4. The NSS has organized Special camp every year in adopted village. During this special camp, the NSS of the college used to organize HIV test, awareness programme on hygiene and sanitation, prevention of liquor etc.

Details about the members of the Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Mausumi Ghosh, Principal, S.R.S. Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, Hooghly
  • Jagabandhu Ghosh, President, Governing Body, S.R.S. Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, Hooghly.
  • Debasis Mondal, B.D.O, Goghat-II.
  • Tapan Mondal, Panchayet Pradhan, Kamarpukur Gram Panchayet.
  • Saumya Bose, Assistant Professor of History, S.R.S. Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, Hooghly (Programme Officer, NSS, Unit-I)
  • Atanu Karmakar, Assistant Professor of History, S.R.S. Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, Hooghly (Programme Officer, NSS, Unit-II)
  • Anik Kumar Saha, Associate Professor of Bengali, S.R.S. Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, Hooghly (Teachers’ Representative)
  • Kakali Santra, Assistant Professor of Sanskrit, S.R.S. Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, Hooghly (Teachers’ Representative)
  • Akash Das, Students’ Representative.
  • Rimi Das, Students’ Representative.
  • Tamal Karmakar, Representative of the Non-teaching Staff, S.R.S. Vidya Mahapitha, Kamarpukur, Hooghly.
  • Samaresh Bandyopadhya, Social Worker and Assistant Teacher, R. K. Mission Sarada Vidyapith.
  • Bharat Mondal, Representative of the adopted village namely Maheshpur.


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16/02/2023 An Awareness Programme Prevention of Under-age Marrages Download
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